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About Us

hist1.jpgGerber Outerwear is excited to celebrate our 87th year of providing the best uniform products to public safety. Four generations of the Gerber family have put their hearts and souls into every garment produced.

Gerber's 87 year history has been highlighted by many firsts in the public safety market. Gerber was the first company to produce nylon uniform jackets in the early 50's, the first to produce seam sealed waterproof / breathable jackets in the early 80's and the first to produce NFPA 1999 Certified Blood Impervious jackets in the early 90's. These firsts show how Gerber has been an innovator into new technologies while still holding onto the old-world commitment to quality and workmanship.

Gerber's commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001:2000 registered manufacturing facility. We work to exceed industry expectations for quality of products and services. Gerber garments are backed by our exclusive 5 Year Factory Warranty to assure the customer that every garment will perform to the highest standards.

Gerber's ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance program is interlaced within every function of our operation. Underwriter's Laboratories performs on site audits at our manufacturing facility every six months, reviewing our entire process from product design through assembly. Audits review machine calibrations, continuous quality training and systematic product testing to ensure precision.

For more information about Gerber Outerwear and our performance products you can contact a customer service representative, a regional sales representative or a Gerber authorized distributor. Gerber Outerwear offers samples, wear test evaluations and factory tours to departments to help them make informed decisions about what outerwear to purchase.

Thank you for your business and loyal support.

Terry L. Gerber, President & CEO
Deron M. Gerber, Vice President Marketing & Sales